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Iberia Express.


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Iberia Express, part of the International Airlines Group, trusted us with a 360º campaign to position the brand in the low-cost airline industry. The campaign was primarily aimed at the Spanish market, although it appeared in several countries across Europe.

From a strategic standpoint, we found an interesting territory for the Low Cost/High Quality brand that effectively explained the essence of the Iberia Express product. We created a 360º campaign under the claim "Bueno Vuelo"(meaning "Have a good flight") that summed up perfectly the experience with the airline. from the purchase of the ticket through their website until the end of the flight. We created a nimble campaign that had the ability to link directly with the target market that Iberia Express wanted to impact with the campaign. They were, however, very different targets that needed different language specifications in their execution.

The Solution

All the digital execution was developed to structure dynamic creative and testing back, which allowed us to understand that executions, better developing and thus optimizing the media.

The internet campaign consisted of, in addition to different home pages which changed depending on the product, the offer to communicate.

The campaign not only strengthened the brand’s identity, but it also differentiated Iberia Express from its competitors.
Fernando Martinez-Corbalan
managing partner


We also created a social Christmas time campaign that consisted of taking children with disabilities aboard an Iberia Express airplane where they experienced a special performance by Spanish magician Jorge Blas and received gifts.

Iberia Express: Low cost. High Quality.


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