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The Opportunity

San Miguel 0,0, the sponsor of the Spanish basketball team, asked that we help them to develop a plan of action for the basketball World Cup which was held in Spain.

The primary objectives of the campaign were the following:

Engagement: From a business standpoint, to increase the consumption of San Miguel 0,0 by encouraging citizens to participate in the tour and strengthening the brand image.

Visibility: Strengthen the brand's notoriety as an official sponsor of the Spanish National Basketball team.

The Solution

  • The brand launched the microsite where Ricky Rubio encouraged users to participate in the route of the Tour as official lifter.
  • Users registered on the microsite and chose one of the 67 cities where they wanted to throw the ball, being the brand who assigned the corresponding leg of the course to the nearly 1,200 participants.
  • Via streaming, through the Google Glasses and geolocation, the participants, curious onlookers, and fans could follow the travel Tour Ciudaano 0.0 in real time throughout the more than 5,200 kilometer journey.
  • Users were able to download their photo by bouncing the ball on the microsite, as well as see the video highlights of each of the stages where the San Miguel officials appeared.

The objective was to capitalize on communication prior to the World Cup and to involve all the Spaniards and the factories of the company. The result was more nearly 1,200 participants and a strong continued presence in the media.
Juan Alberto Bodas

The Results

Engagement, notoriety and a great experience


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