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The Opportunity

Mutua Madrileña, a company established in Spain more than 80 years ago, continues supporting their digital strategy and the optimization of user experience. The Mutua Madrileña team were looking to add an additional, digital layer to their already successful event Mutua Madrid Open, in order to include not only the attendees, but also every tennis fan on Twitter.


Due to the big presence of Spanish users on Twitter, in addition to the social network’s naturally quick interactions, we were able to develop a campaign for the users to interact between each other in real time.

For the first time, Twitter users would be able to play a tennis match with their friends and family. The matches would en up generating a leaderboard through which the top 15 players would be elected to win a ticket to every Mutua Madrid Open match (during the 4 days of the competition).


Easy, innovative, and in real time

  1. It is an action created by and for the users. Since he content is generated by them, there is only a moderation and analysis work requirement from the team.
  2. Mutua Tweet Match became the first ever tennis match through tweets.
  3. Mutua Madrileña took advantage of the buzz generated by the offline event and multiplied it using to the most appropriate social network for the nature of the campaign.
  4. The nature of the campaign aligned perfectly with the nature of the tool, taking advantage of its speed and easy usability to create a simple, fun and effective event with the objective of reaching, not only Mutua Madrileña’s clients, but also potential clients and tennis fans.

Beneficial for the client and Mutua Madrileña

  • Improvement of brand image: offering real, fresh and innovative content, Mutua Madrileña aims to position itself as an innovative company in front of its customers and potential customers.
  • Knowledge: the own scope of the action within the social networks is a great opportunity to publicize the brand, and a great cover letter to potential clients.
  • Positioning: creating more content around the brand that favours its positioning in search engines, making it easier for the users to find content about the brand.
  • Recurrence: Mutua Tweet Match wants to become the opening online event prior to the Mutua Madrid Open every year.

TweetMatch is an innovative bid to offer users a unique digital native experience
Beatrice Oppici
Social Media Manager

The Results

Mutua Tweet Match: The first tennis match played on Twitter.


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