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The Opportunity

Verisure is the leader of alarm systems in Europe. In 2013 it opened its headquarters in Italy and ever since the beginning, they decided to monitor online conversations about the firm to measure company reputation.

The multinational doesn’t cover all of Italy, rather only offering its services in 6 regions: Lazio, Toscana, Emilia Romagna, Lombardia, Veneto and Piemonte, with plans to expand in the next few years. From the marketing and commercial department, a solution was needed to optimize the resources in the provinces where they currently do work and identify the regions where it would be easiest to expand.

The Solution

Through the use of sophisticated monitoring tools, we configured a query that allowed us to monitor the conversations about alarm systems on one hand and robberies on the other. We used monitoring and "online listening" to an offline business generation.

By segmenting the online "mentions" by region, we were able to see in which regions and provinces there was more interest in security products and in which cities there was more need for anti-theft systems. In a diary format, we reported all the mentions to Verisure Italia so they could forward them to their salesmen.

Diary information about the firm and its sector

  1. Number of mentions divided by region with the option to read all the online information.
  2. The tracking of mentions to understand the moments in which users were more likely to buy an alarm system.
  3. Number of mentions divided by sources and categorized by consumer sentiment in order to monitor online brand reputation.

Benefits to Verisure Italia

  • Better ability to capture new clients: listening to the online users’ needs, the firm was able to target their commercial strategy in cities where there was more of a need for increased security.
  • Knowledge: continuing with expansion within Italy, the company has the power to better understand in which provinces they would be more welcome or where their services are more in need.
  • Business: identify potential customers and the best areas for expansion.

Online monitoring has helped the company to understand what customers think about the brand and implement content related strategies for online reputation. At the same time, they have been able to see future trends and monitor the environment to optimize their offline business strategies.
Beatrice Oppici
Social Media Manager

The Results

Verisure Italy. Monitoring and listening online to offline business generation.


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