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Exploring keys for automating continuous improvement in customer relationships.


How to refine the strategic customer engagement plan for a healthcare leader: from a theoretical approach to a practical and actionable plan.


Increase qualitative customer understanding to evolve the strategic vision, enhance relationships, and build and execute a roadmap of opportunities.


In a society where the concept of health and its care is gaining increasing importance, we collaborate with a leading insurance company on a project to deepen and refine their strategic customer engagement plan. The goal is to gain greater relevance and personalization in customer relationships, seeking increased automation and growth of lifetime value.


Discovery and diagnosis, Qualitative enrichment of segments and opportunity mapping, Prioritized use cases, Definition of customer engagement KPI structure, governance model, implementation, and operations.


12 weeks. 

Some interesting data







Areas of Expertise


In our projects, we prioritize the quality of deliverables to the highest degree. That’s why we invite you to join us on a visual journey through some of the most outstanding outputs we have generated.

We have generated 25 consolidated use cases.

We conducted a prioritization of cases to begin working on the initiatives.

Basic recommendations for managing implementation are provided.

We rely on workshops as a creation tool.

We create sheets for each use case to help us map out each initiative.

We defined and built the new tree of KPIs and dashboards oriented toward business and customer aspects.


Every project is filled with challenges, successes, and obstacles that provide us with invaluable insights.

Common Recurring Situation in the Corporate World

A single company has many areas with the potential to impact customers, risking the creation of saturated or contradictory messages and experiences.


Incorporating and enhancing a unified customer vision and aligning all areas of the organization around the needs, opportunities, and scope of action with those customers based on their expectations.

Periodic Qualitative Research

The maximum relevance and unique utility come from incorporating qualitative customer research periodically into internal decision-making processes, even in contexts with extensive use of transactional data and customer intelligence, and in environments with complex technological aspects.

Adhering to Strategic Design Methodologies

The procedures and methodologies of strategic design are essential for conceiving, organizing, and prioritizing initiatives and actions necessary to achieve a specific goal. These methodologies are tailored with different ad hoc factors for each company, resulting in a specific, actionable plan.

Method & Phases

Seeking “Actionability” as a mantra. The strategic plan was already predefined, but the goal was to infuse it with more personality and a sense of organized prioritization so that the entire company could be guided by a unified customer vision, aiming for the highest level of customer engagement.


Immersion, Audit, and Strategic Refinement

Over four weeks, we initiated a review of the company’s strategy fundamentals and customer vision, its technological capabilities related to the integration of solutions and data, and its reporting capabilities oriented toward monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of customer interaction actions.

As an output of this phase, different segments were analyzed, undergoing qualitative enrichment. The objective was to identify insights, moments, and opportunities to build new opportunity territories along the customer journey, combining traditional transactional segmentation with more experiential and impactful values.

Additionally, with the diagnosis of the company’s technological and data reality, as well as its reporting needs and capabilities, the practical construction phase of the project commenced.


Optimization, Planning, and Automation

Envisioned as a phase of accelerated construction, in eight weeks, we built and defined a backlog of use cases comprising over 100 initiatives to impact different key moments in customer relationships and segments.

Collaborating with various company departments (Marketing, Health, Digital, Customer Experience, Communication, etc.), the most crucial initiatives were selected based on a prioritization matrix involving business, technology, data, and impact on experience. A deployment plan with the necessary requirements for each initiative was developed, aiming to automate them through its CRM and marketing automation ecosystem. Additionally, the development of the new linkage KPI structure helped the organization achieve more detailed and precise monitoring.

An interdepartmental governance model was developed through the Company’s Transformation Office to coordinate the operational aspects and prioritize launching personalized communications to customers based on their anticipated business impact and customer expectations regarding their experience with the insurer.

Having a good companion on a strategic project starts with understanding the need very well, ensuring 100% team involvement in the project (intensively), the ability to absorb all internal documentation (starting situation), firsthand knowledge of what the customer needs (interviews), a deep understanding of the role of each area of the company (not all have the customer at the center), and experiencing firsthand the internal interviews (company culture) are the keys to delivering quality and, above all, realistic deliverables.

Paco Martínez. CMO of DVK Seguros.

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